A reassurance for anyone worrying about payday loan debts

If you found my little blog and you are in financial difficulties, are thinking about taking out a payday loan or have only got one, or are in a real pickle about what to do about your money problems, then I really sympathise with you.

In modern life, in the Western world, where money buys everything, where position and having the latest and best of everything is so vital to our consumer culture, we are almost programmed to automatically consume.

The problem is, that with spiralling costs things are getting really difficult.

And that means people can end up in debt.

I think I read somewhere that almost half the working population are only one payday away from bankruptcy. Meaning that if they don’t get paid next month then they will collapse financially.

That is a frightening thought.

It means that many of us are terrified about getting sacked, which plays into the hands of the corporations.

It means we will do any work for any money just to keep our heads above water. But because we are not being paid enough money to get savings, we continue in that hand to mouth cycle which we can never get out of.

Some people will say this is just an unfortunate coincidence of modern life, but I’m pretty sure that modern corporations, financial institutions and governments are well aware that this is the state half the population in.

It makes us much more malleable if we don’t have the financial luxury of being able to take a step back and look at what’s going on around us.

When we are drowning in debt and resorting to payday loans just to stay afloat, we aren’t going to be looking at what government policy is, or having time to speak out on things which would otherwise be important to us.

And as for the companies we work for, they know that they can pay the minimum wage possible and keep us working hard because there are so many others who will do our jobs for us for that price, because they are just as terrified as us of not getting that next pay check.

It’s a horrible cycle and I sympathize with everyone who is in it.

All I can say is that there is light at the end of the tunnel if you can take steps to get out of it. Me and my wife had to resort to a short-term loan to give us the breathing space to turn finances around, and if you manage it right you can do the same. We had to take on some extra work and we had to manage your finances tightly, meaning we missed out on some stuff in order to keep up with the payments, but we did it.

The net result is we are now paying off the loan okay, plus we are saving a bit each month, heading rapidly towards a situation where we could both lose our jobs and survive for a month before things collapsed around us. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but it does mean we are just that little bit more financially solvent.


Money can’t buy you love

I love that old Beatles song money can’t buy me love.

And that’s such a truthful song title. Think about it for a moment, and you will realise just what a great song title it is.

But what can buy love is loyalty and dedication to your partner.

And that’s where my amazing wife has come in over the past few months. We had personal finance issues and it’s been taking huge strain on our relationship.

She’s been the rock all the way through these problems. I’m really enjoying writing about these problems on my blog because it’s given me a chance to express how grateful I am to her for the strength she showed in helping us to get through it. Obviously there were times when she got really down and depressed, but in comparison to me she hid and dealt with her feelings a lot better than I did.

I got really upset and angry, I hit the bottle and I went absent from the family home for periods of time. I used to go and sit in the park and worry about how we were going to ever pay the money back that we owed.

I was fearful of losing our home and losing what we had worked for, and I feared that if we lost all that we would lose our relationship, which I value more than anything else on earth.

Personal debt problems are not the end of your life

But one thing I learned from the experience is that having financial problems and resorting to taking out loans does not have to be the end of the world.

If you have a strong relationship then it can survive all of that. If it doesn’t then you could look at it as that that relationship will crumble at some stage, under some stress and leave you alone anyway.

If you really love somebody and you really believe in what you’re building together then nothing should ever really tear you part.

True, that payday loan decision was a massive one. I feel it was a decision which we took jointly, but which we both in an unspoken way new would make or break our relationship.

I’m happy to report, that it has made our relationship stronger. But whether that is because we have now got out of the financial problems and can see light at the end of the tunnel or not, I’m not quite sure.

But the truth is that getting that money didn’t buy our love, it was our joint strength to provide for each other and our children which drove us to make the big decision and then worked really hard to make sure that that decision paid off for our family.

It would have been too easy to just go begging, but that’s not the type of person I am it is not the type of person my wife is. In the end we had to take the only realistic financial decision we could and hope it paid off, through our hard work in ensuring that we delivered what we could to pay back the loan and make that decision pay off for us.

Miss No Money Gets A Bargain

If you have read anything before you get to this article, blog post, or what ever these outpourings from my heart and mind actually are, then you will probably know that the life of the man with no money and his wife has been upset recently by our reliance on a payday loan to bail us out.

As I highlighted in that post I just linked to, things weren’t great for a while.

It wasn’t just me that it took a toll on. It was also my wife. She also has to work and she really passionately brings up our two children.

She suffered emotionally with her health which had physical symptoms, and it was actually the payday loan which helped her and me to feel there was a breathing space for just enough time for us to find the emotional space to deal with the issue.

But debt problems always take their toll on people.

My wife was no different. She became a bit withdrawn, unhappy and less of a mother for a few weeks. She would often cry over the smallest things and we would fight more. It was horrible and it’s not something I want to go back to, and I’m sure that many other people reading this will understand how stressful it can be.

God I’m doing it again, I’m outpouring my heart on the Internet.

So let’s talk about the point of what I was trying to write about here. My wife got a fantastic bargain when she went out today.

Actually it wasn’t so much a bargain as a stroke of luck. She found a purse outside a shop. She looked inside it and found the ID with a photo on it of a lady. She was just about to turn around and go back into the shop when she spotted that lady getting into her car on the other side of the car park.

She ran towards the lady waving her arms to stop her. She says she she felt really silly doing it, but she didn’t want that poor lady to potentially have the heartache of wondering where her purse was.

The lady was so delighted with being given her purse back, and let’s face it these days it’s very honest for someone to do that, that she gave us the money.

The purse contained hundreds of dollars, and she gave my wife $50 as a thank you. My wife desperately tried to refuse, but the lady was insistent. She said that money was not a problem to her, and she was far more upset about the prospect of losing some photos she had in the purse. So to her it was worth the money.

It’s amazing how things turn in life. My wife felt really upbeat today, after our personal finance debt problems, it was lovely to see her with a smile on her face today. It’s only $50, but I insisted she spend it on something personal to her.

But being the selfless lady she is, she ended up buying something for our two children because they have also missed out on some of the things that we should have provided for them over the past few months.

Driving Miss Daisy Crazy

Another crazy day has occurred in the household of the man with no money.

Actually it’s our crazy neighbour Daisy. We call her driving Miss Daisy, because her husband drives her while she sits in the back. It’s all a bit bizarre.

All I did to drive Miss Daisy crazy was to bump my car up outside my own driveway. The issue was that my fender was about 3 inches over the end of her driveway.

Now for most people it wouldn’t be an issue, they would either drive around it or they would simply come and knock on the door and say very politely would you mind not parking so close again in case I crash into your car.

The net result would be the person is usually very embarrassed they have put the other person that position and then they walk outside and instantly move the car.

But crazy Miss Daisy simply sat in the driveway ordering her husband to hit the horn until we came outside. Us and half the neighborhood walked out to see their car sitting there with a horn blaring and her sitting there stone face.

All a bit crazy even for Miss Daisy.

Had a good day at work, and confided in a friend about my recent money issues.

We talked about how I had taken out a payday loan and I talked to him about the article I’ve read on http://www.debtdone.com about how some places were now just banning these payday loan companies.

He admitted he had used a payday loan company about two years ago and had not had any problems either. I know that you can’t conclude that every thing you read in the papers is rubbish, but most people don’t seem to have had that many problems.

But anyway, money is tight for most people in the real world. We can’t all be Donald Trump and we can’t all have our personal finances right all the time, this means that some of us do get into debt, even if it’s just overdrafts or being late with payments.

Terry was sympathetic will my position around money and he also told me how he’d been stung in the stock market recently as well. He invested a bit in a hopeful rise, but it didn’t happen and the shares invested in actually fell, trapping his money for the long-term, which he didn’t think would happen.

I was a bit shocked that somebody like Terry would make a decision like that which he knew might tie his money at the long-term.

But then I suppose explains even more clearly that even people who usually make good decisions can sometimes get trapped by their poor ones, let’s face it will make poor decisions, which means that it’s important that people like me talk about those decisions so that other people can make better ones.

After work I’m off to the park with the boys and am hoping to have a lovely end the day, it’s a lovely day and lovely weather out there, and I hope that you enjoy your time with your family as well.

Never Thought I’d get a PayDay Loan Or That It Would Be Great

I think one thing that every one of us try to do is to relieve our financial burden in life.

Part of the problem is the media. We are so tempted to buy stuff all the time, and with prices rising it’s very easy to let spending spiral out of control, even on the essentials of modern life.

Look at how much things like clothes and food cost.

Add to that the bills such as mortgages and other essentials and suddenly things mount up.

I recently read a piece from Debt Done about how New York state has banned, and penalised payday loan companies. Getting payday loans online is a huge business now and I can understand that abuse has taken place, I’ve even suffered from that abuse, where fees are being taken purely for searching for loans rather than actually getting a loan.

It took weeks to get that money back.

Sometimes a payday loan is essential to get debt done with

But hey I’m a realist and my family has to take precedence over everything.

I’m not ashamed to admit it I had to get a payday loan recently. It was a really surreal experience because I feared the worst after experiences before and I was apprehensive about being able to meet the payments.

But it relieved the immediate debt burden on me, and gave my mind the space to investigate other options because I had breathing space in terms of financial payments.

I took on some extra work, kept up with the payments schedule and thankfully things are now back on track.

The key is obviously to make sure you don’t spend all of your disposable income and always keep some back for that rainy day that all of us think will never come, or we think will be all right when it does happen.

The truth is that you cannot predict life and it only takes a small things such as a boiler going wrong for people like me living on the financial edge every month to get pushed over it.

So don’t for a minute think that I’m advocating you grab any online payday loan, I’m not. But what I am doing is saying don’t be terrified of financial options because of publicity across the board. The instances you read up on in the paper are often the worst case scenarios, and not the reality of most people’s experiences.

Things are getting financially better now

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog is because I have been struggling with my emotions over the past few months. Work and life of been tough and with debt issues things have been really strange to me and my family.

But I took a decision that has actually helped me to do things right.

So I’m not going to castigate payday loan companies, or the people who take them.

The truth is rarely black and white, and mostly shades of grey. Not all desperate people are stupid and I am concerned about States like New York doing a blanket ban on payday loan companies, when the truth is that the vast majority of people who get them actually benefit from financial loan services they offer.

But whatever your financial problems are, for God’s sake don’t take them lightly, or bury your head in the sand, it’s important that you investigate the options, speaks the right people and make the best decision you can for your own personal situation, it’s essential to your sanity.